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:: CUSTOMERS order online with a unique code ::
:: WE ship their order, YOU get a check ::

St. Louis’ Own, Mom’s Originals is the creation of a Mother’s delicious gourmet treat and a Daughter’s love of marketing. Together they are bringing the perfect balance of salty and sweet to people everywhere.

Surely you are busy, your organization is busy, Customers are busy…right?! However, that doesn’t change the fact that you still need to raise money. Here’s where Mom’s Originals can come in, raise money for you, and ‘untwist’ the toil of raising funds.

  • Each Fundraiser will be given a unique online code. This code will be active for a set date span designated by the Fundraiser Committee.
    • For example: MSHS-BAND-11 or RESEARCH-ORG-024
  • Mom’s Originals can create for you (one or both):
    • Email template for easily sharing the code electronically with potential Customers
    • Business Cards for easily handing out the code to potential Customers
  • Mom’s Originals will provide a mid-way update to the Fundraiser Committee on sales totals.
  • A check will be cut to the Fundraiser, at the end of the date span, for a percentage of ALL online orders (excluding shipping charges) that used the Fundraiser’s unique code upon checkout.
  • Location Sales Alternative: Displays and individual products are available to purchase for on-site sales.

  • For You: little to no work.
    • No confusing flyers or event planning
    • No money to collect or cold calls to make
    • No orders to keep track of
    • No purchased stock cluttering your home or office
    • No deliveries to schedule and make
    • No money out of your pocket for missing payments
  • For the Fundraiser: product prices range from $1.75 - $60.95 leading to higher sale totals and boosting the Fundraiser’s profit potential.
    • Everything we sell online is available vs. a single gourmet pretzel
    • Reach family, friends, and Customers across the country
    • Create additional profits by adding the Mom's Originals program to your existing event
    • A single check in the full amount will be sent at the end of the date span
  • For the Customer: convenience and quick turn-around.
    • Customers can order at their leisure, any time and as many times as they want, during the date span
    • Ordering online offers immediate retrieval of their orders – not waiting until the end of the program
    • Custom created email makes the code easy to forward to family, friends, and co-workers
    • Makes for easy gifting: Customers can designate shipping addresses and include personal notes
    • Can use for personal or business or both, as long as they use the code, the Fundraiser is credited

As you can see, it really is easy. We collaborate with fundraising committees to get a real understanding of what they look for or wish they had out of a program and built this from those discussions. We truly believe this is a win-win-win and would love the opportunity to help raise money for your program or organization.

Having started our own business, Mom and I are all about supporting our community and those in need everywhere; whether it be giving to the USO, helping tornado victims, or supporting organizations like Safe Connections (a woman’s safe haven), it is important to give back when and where we can. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to helping you raise the funds you need!

Do you have an upcoming program we can start you off with?

Taran Hensley-Hercules at
or Call us at 314-616-6667

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